Yogathon 2016


Atlanta Women’s Foundation hosted its second annual Yogathon event in Chastain Horse Park on May 21nd.  Hundreds arrived with the goal of changing the lives of the 320,000 women and girls who wake up to poverty everyday in Atlanta.

It was an amazing event lead by internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and renowned social activist Seane Corn. She started the day by setting the tone and intentions for everyone to recognizing that they are the change in the world that they seek.  She reminded us that change must happen within before you can see it outside of you.

Afterwards the participants stepped on their mats to be led by nine different acclaimed yoga instructors known throughout the metro area for four hours.  The event was closed out by Seane Corn reclaiming the stage to share her own personal stories of change and transformation in a very upbeat and inspiring tone.  She called all participants to come and sit close to the stage as she delivered a touching state of the union for all yogis.  I walked away feeling both empowered and activated, ready to do my part to create change in myself and in the world.  Imprinted in my chest are her words “the only one true revolution is the one within.”  These words are forever etched in my psyche as a reminder of my true purpose.








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