Create Space For Yoga

Three simple ways to create space at your desk for yoga.

  1. Clean Your Desk – Establish a regular routine of cleaning your desk. If you work in an office setting this includes wiping the desktop, computer screen and keyboard. I suggest a monthly or quarterly calendar reminder at a time when you aren’t busy.  It takes about five minutes to do. You will immediately notice your mood shift and feel more productive. 
  2. Organize Your Desk – Now that your desk is clean it’s time to rearrange it. Throw out anything that’s no longer needed. Rearrange how your desk looks or just stack everything neatly. 
  3. Add Sacred Object – This can be anything that reminds you to check in with yourself to see how you are doing at a given moment. Yoga starts with the breathe so the object will serve as a reminder for you to breathe.  This could be a small figurine, a plant, a favorite quote or inspirational words to help you get through your work day. 

After these three simple task are complete you are now ready for yoga at your desk. You have successfully began the process of bringing yoga into your office.  When you bring yoga with you, the benefits of a happier wellbeing, better concentration and a calmer workspace will help you be more productive at work. 


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