Detox Yoga Poses for 2017

Yoga can help you reboot for 2017, the following poses stimulate the circulatory, digestive, and lymphatic systems to help your body release toxins and waste.

Detox benefits: Headstands reduce strain on the heart and improve cardiovascular systems. It also boost the immune system and help with allergies. Headstands also help increase digestive fire and body heat.  Headstands also reverse the flow of gravity, stimulate the lymphatic systems and renew the blood.

Shoulder Stand
Detox benefits: Inverted poses reverse the effects of gravity on the digestive organs. Gravity will send more blood (i.e. oxygen and nutrients) to your upper body and head.  Shoulder stands drain lymphatic fluids from the legs and upper body.  This pose also relieves gas pain and is also know to renew overall digestion. Toxins released during the pose are flushed toward the heart to be oxygenated and cleansed.

Detox benefits: Twist stimulate digestion and remove the impurities of the body. As you twist you cut off the blood supply to your digestive systems, as you release fresh blood cells flow into your organs. This stimulates the kidney and liver. It also helps to cleanse cells of any waste build up.

Chest Opener
Detox benefits: Chest-openers release stagnation and congestion in the body. They allow the lungs to fully expand which helps to eliminate lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other waste.

Forward Bends
Detox benefits: Forward bends stimulate the digestive system by compressing the abdominal organs. This compression aids in the elimination process.

Join us next Saturday for a complimentary detox class in Atlantic Station.  For more information email


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