Vrksasana | Tree Pose

IMG_7649Vrksasana | Tree Pose

Every yogi will find an affinity towards a specific pose at some point in their practice. For me that pose is Vrksasana or Tree Pose.  When I am in tree pose I feel most in my element and very connected to the earth and the sun.  I imagine my own feet pressing in to the earth as roots began to spring from them down into the soil.  I stand with one leg pressed into the other with my chest lifted up, gaining strength in my posture.  I usually open my arms wide as I reach up toward the sun and allow the sun to fill my body with more strength and power.  I imagine this is what a tree feels like on a sunny day, very happy and invigorated by the nutrients provided by the sun.  Although the pose can be challenging at first after much practice it feels amazing to find your balance on one leg with your gaze focused out in front of you.

Type of Pose: Standing and balancing

Benefits: Improves balance and concentration, strengthens legs and hips, builds confidence

Getting into the Pose: Come into mountain pose.  Feel you weight evenly on the four corners of each foot.  Begin to shift your weight over to the right foot and move your foot into a kick stand position where the balls of your toes are pressed into the mat but your heel is pressed slightly into your right ankle.  Once you find your balance in kick stand position slowly began to lift your left foot up bringing the sole of the left foot into your right inner thigh.  Press the foot into the thigh with your toes pointing downward.  For beginners you can press it into right leg being careful not to place the foot directly on the right knee.  Keep your hips squared.  Slowly begin to raise your hands overhead, reaching towards the sky.  Keep your shoulders open and relaxed.  Find a focal point in front of you to focus on, this will help you maintain your balance in the pose. Release your arms and bring your left foot back to the mat.  Then repeat on the left side.


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