February 23rd- 25th
Chicago, IL


This retreat is a guided stepping away from everyday life and the busy entrepreneurial hustle. This retreat will help inspire women entrepreneurs and business owners to learn to get more focus, be present, and taking control to prioritize their self-care.


A woman professional, business owner or entrepreneur who always hustling. You feel like you are so busy to take a moment to relax and have a “me time”. You sometimes feel guilty to take a nap in the middle of their workday because you’re just so tired. You keep delaying your vacation because you can’t step away too long from your work/company.

This retreat is made for you. We understand what busy women like yourself are trying to achieve. You’re trying to get to your goals for the business and take care of so many different things in your personal and professional life. Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. But, you want to start investing in your self-care. You want to be guided on this. You want to know what are your options. You want to be presented with self-care ideas and alternatives that can help maximizing your self-care investment to avoid burnouts.

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April 2018

Sundays @ 4 pm

6 Week Yoga Course

Yoga for Every BODY is designed for students that want to ease into yoga practice. This weekly course students will guide you through the basics of yoga. This is a gentle flow class perfect for those who are brand new to yoga. Yoga for Every BODY is also good for those wanting to ease into yoga and physical activity.

Students will learn:

Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)
Foundational yoga poses (Asanas)
Yoga Props and Proper Use
How to Start a Home and/or Office Practice
Introduction to Meditation and Setting Intentions

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Yoga In The Park
3rd Saturday @ 10 am (April through October)



No experience necessary.  All are welcome.

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